Well-Being Coach


We’re looking for a caring, goal-oriented individual to join our team who is not only passionate about health and wellness but lives it themselves. This is a field-based position that will deliver well-being services to work sites in the central and southern parts of the state. The coach will help staff identify their own well-being goals and collaboratively develop wellness activities to help them achieve those goals. During this time, the coach will provide individual and group coaching, schedule meetings, deliver incentives & goodies, as well as lead in-person and virtual trainings on topics such as adult resiliency, self-care, and more. The coach also serves as a connector between work sites and local resources in their community, so it’s essential for them to be able to build effective relationships with diverse populations. The coach needs to be flexible, adaptable, and creative as they take an individualized approach to supporting each work site they serve.

If you’re interested, email info@curriculaconcepts.com for more information!


We promote positive relationships between educators, children, and their families.

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