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Caring Conversations Cafes

Caring Conversations Café is a unique parent-provider connection opportunity for families. The Café is guided by table hosts who have specific questions for discussion on topics relevant to families and early educators It gives participants a chance to share their experience and listen to what others are going through. It’s a great way to strengthen relationships between families and early educators as well as build social connections between families.

Caring Conversations Café has seven topics, all available online: 

  • Building Strong Parent Provider Partnerships
  • Helping Children Develop Self-Esteem from Day One
  • Building a Healthy Brain
  • The Importance of Culture
  • What Should I Know About Temperament
  • Understanding Challenging Behaviors in Young Children
  • Taking Care of Myself When a Child Pushes My Button

Curricula Concepts has the ability to create customized Cafes using Parent Café in a Box and has developed their own Family Cafes -Cultivating Mindfulness Every Day (available online),  The Importance of Self-Care (available online), and Being a Positive Parent in a Negative World (available online). 

parenting with purpose

Curricula Concepts offers three parent education sessions that are part of the Parenting with Purpose curriculum.  Each hour and a half training session has skills, tips, and strategies that can be customized to meet the unique needs of each family.  The sessions are highly interactive and encourage families to talk with each other in a safe environment built on trust and mutual respect.

The three topics are:

Responsive Caregiving (available online)
Self-Control (available online)
Healthy Media for Very Young Children (available online)

The Arkansas Guide to Promoting Family Engagement

The Arkansas Guide for Promoting Family Engagement is a three-hour training designed to learn and practice new strategies related to family engagement. This training will support early childhood programs that have systems in place to engage families and as well as a path forward for those programs that are developing family engagement systems.

Move it!

Move It! provides opportunities for preschool educators to explore, understand, and practice aspects of physical development and gross motor skills for children.  Participants will learn strategies that support and nurture children’s physical development, health, and learning. Move It! is made up of three segments that include: Yoga in the Classroom, Gross Motor Play, and Music and Movement. 

Move It! – Yoga in the Classroom (available online) teaches preschool educators about the benefits of yoga, strategies for implementing yoga in the classroom and sharing with families, and how yoga activities align with the Arkansas Child Development and Early Learning Standards: Birth through 60 months.

Move It! – Gross Motor Play teaches preschool educators about the benefits of gross motor activities, strategies for implementing indoor gross motor activities and sharing with families, and how gross motor activities align with the Arkansas Child Development and Early Learning Standards: Birth through 60 months.

Move It! – Music and Movement teaches preschool educators about the benefits of music and movement activities, strategies for implementing music and movement activities in the classroom and sharing with families, and how music and movement activities align with the Arkansas Child Development and Early Learning Standards: Birth through 60 months.

Trauma-Informed Yoga

Trauma-Informed Yoga for Educators teaches participants who work with children ages 3 to 18 years old about the effects of trauma on brain development and how it can manifest through challenging behaviors in the classroom. Participants will understand the benefits of yoga in general, as well as specific benefits for those who have been exposed to trauma. Participants will be introduced to mindfulness strategies, movement through foundational yoga poses, and breathing exercises in the session. Ultimately, the goal of Trauma-Informed Yoga is the successful implementation in the classroom to nurture children’s physical and social-emotional development.

we train in these areas

Curricula Concepts staff are verified by the AR Professional Development Registry and available to train/facilitate the following professional development trainings:

curricula squared

online learning platform (beta)

Don’t forget about our NEW online learning platform, Curricula Squared, coming summer 2020!

We are accepting applications for beta members. 

Language Development / Emergent Literacy

Family Engagement

Social and Emotional Development

Physical Development and Health

  • Move It!
  • Trauma Informed Yoga for Educators (ADE Approved)

Mathematical Thinking / Science and Technology


We promote positive relationships between educators, children, and their families.



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