Making Connections. Building Relationships.

We promote positive relationships between educators, children, and their families. We facilitate the learning of new skills using dynamic and innovative models.


Our virtual training platform for teachers and parents has officially launched.

If you have been struggling to find the time to strengthen partnerships with the children in your care, Curricula Online is your solution. By providing our valuable courses online, you can participate at your own pace when it is convenient for you, allowing you to continue being the superhero we know you are!


Let's invest in them today!

Our multi-disciplinary trainings will equip families and educators with the innovative learning and tools necessary to encourage and influence the future of our children.


Guided sessions with discussions on topics relevant to families and early educators.

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Parenting With Purpose

Highly interactive educational sessions that offer new skills, tips, and strategies.

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Engage Continuum

Professional development series that encourages relationships between educators and families.

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Move It!

Opportunity for educators to promote positive physical development and gross motor skills.

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Trauma-Informed Yoga

Learn how to support children's self-regulation and physical development.

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Be Well Care Well

Participate in a program that promotes the well-being of child care providers.

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Workshops, tools, and coaching to support nurturing teacher-child interactions.

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REACHing Parents

Support parent-child interaction and fostering real-world skills children need.

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The Basics of a Professional

Training for early educators interested in taking their careers to the next level.

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Nutrition and Physical Activity

Training in the areas of physical activity, nutrition, breastfeeding/feeding, and screen time.

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What Our Clients Are Saying

We care about encouraging, honoring, inspiring, and influencing the future of our children.

Talking in today's cafe helped me realize the importance of self-care. Hearing everyones thoughts just opened a door for me to know what I need to do. Thanks to you all.

I realized in the self-care cafe that taking care of myself will help me take care of others.

In For the Love of Reading, I learned how important having meaningful conversations with our kids can be, anytime, anywhere, even in the car!

The thing that I learned from the Cafe today was sharing with others helped me and I think maybe helped others to see they are not alone.

Cafes feel like you're just having a talk with friends.

The Buiding a Healthy Brain Cafe taught me to make sure my kid is always loved and listenend to.

Building a Strong Parent-Provider Partnership showed us how to create a community with other parents and caregivers to support our children.

Move It! helped us link gross motor activities with families and helping them understand the importance of being physically active and how it helps children's brains develop.

Move It! has so many awesome gross motor activites and you don't have to buy a bunch of stuff. Just use what you have!

The mindfulness tips from Move It! are going to be a great tool to use in the classroom.

We want to implement some of the yoga, mindfulness and breathing techniques we learning Move It! in our transition times.

Healthy Media for Very Young Children showed us how important it is to co-watch with our children and monitor what they watch.

In Responsive Caregvining we learned that being more responsive will help your child feel more independent.

I felt like I have more tools to use as a parent after Parenting with Purpose.

Parenting with Purpose: Self-Control helped us how to connect with the child to help them learn to cope!

Modeling self control for your child is how they learn self-control.