Family Engagement

Seven Cafe Topics

  1. Building Strong Parent Provider Partnerships
  2. Helping Children Develop Self-Esteem from Day One
  3. Building a Healthy Brain
  4. The Importance of Culture
  5. What Should I Know About Temperament
  6. Understanding Challenging Behaviors in Young Children
  7. Taking Care of Myself When a Child Pushes My Buttons

Family Engagement

Caring Conversations Cafe Model

Curricula Concepts, Inc. partnered with Zero to Three National Center for Infants, Toddlers and Families and University of Arkansas-ECEP to bring Arkansas a unique parent-provider connection opportunity called Caring Conversations Café Model. The Café is guided by table hosts who have specific questions for discussion on topics relevant to families. It gives parents, and other family members, a chance to share their experience and listen to what other parents are going through. It’s a great way to strengthen relationships between families and child care providers as well as build social connections between families.

Parenting With Purpose

We have recently unveiled our newest opportunity for early educators through a partnership with the Zero to Three National Center for Infants, Toddlers and Families and University of Arkansas-ECEP in three parent education curriculum modules that are part of the Parenting with Purpose program. The two-hour sessions are both interactive and informative for parents and families.

The modules are:

  • Self Control
  • Responsive Caregiving
  • Healthy Media for Very Young Children

Family Engagement Program Assessment

Curricula Concepts offer a Family Engagement Program Assessment to help programs assess where their strengths and areas of need may be. We work with the program to select ways they can build family engagement by using a step by step tool with on-site support from our staff. We want programs to achieve not only involvement with their parents and families, but true engagement between the program and the families they serve.

The checklist covers the six areas of family engagement identified in the Arkansas Guide to Promoting Family Engagement:

  • Family Well-Being
  • Positive Family Child Relationships
  • Families as Partners and Lifelong Educators
  • Family Engagement in Transitions
  • Family Connections to Peers and Communities
  • Families as Advocates and Leaders