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The best virtual training for educators and families

what is curricula Online?

Curricula Online is our new online learning platform for educators.

This includes teachers, school districts, childcare facilities, and even families!

The content inside Curricula Online will be as valuable as the same content we offer in-person.

We teach on an array of topics, including family engagement, health and wellness, literacy, education resources, and others.

With our “We’re Different, We’re the Same” diversity training, you can learn how to celebrate diversity in early childhood.

we need to celebrate diversity in our classrooms

learn to integrate yoga in the classroom

Taught by our very own, Amy Routt, learn how you can implement the foundations of health in your classroom with yoga.

With our online training, you can learn how to Strengthen Family Partnerships, Tips on Co-Parenting, and even how to Take Care of You!

Strengthening PARTNERSHIPS, co-parenting, and others!

Curricula Online

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We promote positive relationships between educators, children, and their families.

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