Curricula At-Home

at-home activities box for your kids!

are you trying to work from home and need activities for your kids?

The Curricula At-Home is a month’s worth of activities to entertain and educate your children.

It’s activities for 3-5 year olds – a mix of independent activities and some that require supervision. Materials are included.

We are starting off with the Adventure Play box that makes learning with your child an “adventure” everyday. 

the adventure play box

We are working on future boxes such as Imagine, Explore, Experiment, and Create.

why get the box?

  • Developmentally appropriate activities
  • Minimal prep
  • Engaging and interactive
  • Delivered to your doorstep
  • No guess work for parents
  • Good balance of activities
  • Fun for the child and easy for the parent!
  • Great gift opportunity for grandparents!

Each box has activities for your child that include:

Math, language/literacy, science, physical and outdoor play, and brain breaks (mindfulness, focus, and concentration).

what you get.

getting started

The box will include a booklet to help get you started.


  • Our philosophy on play
  • Setting up a space for play
  • Schedules and routines
  • Age-appropriate chores
  • Healthy screen-time

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Adventure Play Box

Get Started Packet

Full Instructions for the month’s activities

Materials included

Buy the Adventure Play Box

All activities are developmentally appropriate for children ages 3-5, and align with the Arkansas Child Development Early Learning Standards: Birth through 60 months.

For betas, you will get a weekly opportunity for Zoom Coaching for parents.


We promote positive relationships between educators, children, and their families.



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